Interdisciplinary Team

We are focused on creating the right environment for you and your loved one. Our comprehensive, interdisciplinary staff is a key component of our team that will be dedicated to your recovery.

Everyone in our center is devoted to your care, happiness and well-being. We will be working with you to establish goals and expectations for your stay. Below are just a few members of your healthcare team.

Special Treatment Program Staff

Our team of counselors provides specialized individual and group program services intended to strengthen our residents’ coping mechanisms, social skills, and independent living skills. Program staff manage Sierra Vista’s level-based program that rewards program participation, safe behaviors, and self-care.

Licensed and Certified Nursing Staff

Licensed nursing staff provide physician-ordered medical care, medication management, and response to changes in condition. Our Certified Nursing Assistants provide around-the-clock supervision and assistance with personal needs.

Social Services

Social Services staff act as a support, advocate, and information resource for residents, their legal representatives, and other external stakeholders to ensure residents’ psychosocial, medical, legal, and personal needs are met. Social services staff coordinates and/or provides transportation, as needed, for community medical and legal appointments. When appropriate, this team partners with residents, legal representatives and County placement agents to facilitate discharge planning.

Recreation /Activities Staff

The recreation team ensures residents have an opportunity to participate in meaningful programs and activities that enhance their vitality and sense of well-being and contribute to attaining and maintaining their highest practicable quality of life. Depending upon residents’ preferences and capabilities, the recreation staff provides one-to-one, small group or large group programs, or resources for self-directed activities, in an attempt to help residents reach the goals set forth in their treatment plans.